aureka makes your work easier

Save time
Explore your interviews, conference recordings, films or radio shows in a whole new way using aureka’s comprehensive search functions and helpful content overviews.

Use innovative research functionalities
Search across collections for content in your recordings. Get helpful overviews of mentioned topics, people and places thanks to artificial intelligence.

Get automatic transcripts
aureka provides you with searchable, editable and reusable high-quality transcripts including speaker recognition.

Do you need extra features or a customized tool?

In addition to the aureka web app, we develop software on demand for projects in the fields of education, culture, politics and science. Our products are:


We build tools with intuitive user interfaces, so that you can focus on your work.


We are happy to create additional functions for the specific needs of your project.


We design software that you can understand and allow you to always keep control over your generated data.

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