About Us

At aureka, we harness the power of AI to transform the way knowledge is accessed and used, enabling organizations and individuals to achieve their goals more effectively. Our AI-powered research environment supports multiple sectors, including archives, libraries, museums, qualitative research, and media production.

Our innovative platform transcribes audio and video recordings and enables users to efficiently apply AI tools to analyze, organize, and retrieve valuable information from the data. This makes the research process more efficient and accessible, in line with our mission to empower through technology.

Born at the intersection of science and innovation at Freie Universität Berlin, aureka embodies a commitment to harnessing technological improvements for positive social impact. Our interdisciplinary team of experts in AI and software development, data science, social sciences, and requirements engineering work together to drive sustainable growth and foster a collaborative company culture.

We believe in the fundamental right of access to information and are committed to helping institutions that face challenges in this area. By improving access to information and supporting the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage and knowledge, we are shaping AI for social good.

At aureka, we do not just build technology; we create solutions that empower the creation and sharing of knowledge, paving the way for a more informed and connected world.

Who We Are

Our Team

Our international and interdisciplinary team combines expertise in AI and data science, software development, social sciences, and requirements engineering.
Thanks to our strategic partnership with collective.ai, we have a flexible team of senior data scientists with whom we engage in various projects.

Dr. Cecilia Maas

CEO & Product Manager

Lionel Chamorro

CTO & AI Architect (via partnership with collective.ai)

Jan Kühn

Product Manager & Data Consultant

Valeria Behrend

Frontend Developer & UX/UI Designer

Bastian Silva

AI Engineer (via partnership with collective.ai)

Raul Barriga

AI Engineer & Dev Ops (via partnership with collective.ai)

Ariel Haimovici

AI Researcher (via partnership with collective.ai)

Julian Ansaldo

AI Engineer (via partnership with collective.ai)

Paolo Donizetti

Project Manager & AI Consultant (via partnership with collective.ai)

Our Story

How Did We Get Here

aureka started as a Spin Off of the Freie Universität Berlin. We were supported in the development of our software by the Berlin Startup Stipendium (09.2020-03.2021), the EXIST-Gründerstipendium (04.2021-03.2022), the Prototype Fund, digital.engagiert and the Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg (MIZ). 
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